two photos overlapping of young athletes in junk headbands. The black text on white image says Ripken x JUNK "we focus on the experience on and off the field."

Premium Baseball Experience | The Ripken Way

The Ripken Experience 

Ripken Baseball offers Big League Experiences for baseball and softball players between the ages of 8 and 18. Their mission is to teach kids to play baseball and softball the "Ripken Way" -- through camps, clinics, and spring training at state-of-the-art facilities across the country. 


This image is a quote- white letters on a black background. Ryan Heller, GM of Riken, said, “We focus on making ballplayers feel like Big Leaguers, and JUNK is a brand that helps us carry out that mission. When a ballplayer can wear the same accessories as their favorite athletes, it makes them feel like a Big Leaguer stepping into the box.”


Ripken Baseball focuses on the Ripken Experience – a prime experience from a brand backed by decades of great players and coaches that love the game. Walk-up music, replica fields, player announcements, and great operations are key to providing an authentic premium baseball experience for players and families alike. 


Baseball does a lot of great things for kids development: 

  • Builds friendships 
  • Teaches kids how to fail 
  • Teaches patience and focus 
  • Helps brain development 


But beyond being great for the health of youth and communities, it’s a sport that provides entertainment to millions of people. Over 15 million kids and adults play baseball every year, and millions more watch baseball every week.  


Travel ball players who have a passion for the game will help fuel the fires in the bellies of Americans to watch a game with great players and love the game themselves. Ripken Baseball is helping build the next generation of elite athletes and fans, JUNK is excited to be a part of their efforts. 


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