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The Coolest Running Store in Wichita: Fartleks Running Shop Smoothie Stop

Welcome to Fartleks Running Shop Smoothie Stop, the coolest running store in Wichita! Opened in 2022 by Andrew Schinstock, Fartleks is more than just a running store. It's a resource for the running community. Here you can find everything their community needs to hit the ground running - from JUNK running headbands to shorts and shirts to the best running resources in Wichita. Whether they're a seasoned veteran or a first-time runner, Fartleks has their runners covered! Come visit us and see why Fartleks is the go-to destination for running needs in Wichita. 


Andrew's Story 

Andrew Schinstock has been a runner since middle school, when he first joined the cross country team. His love of running only grew over the years, and he soon found himself running longer distances (ultra marathon anyone?). Through these experiences, Andrew fell in love with running in a whole new way and started to dream of opening a running specialty store of his own.  

In 2022, Andrew's dream became reality when he opened Fartleks Running Shop Smoothie Stop in Wichita, Kansas. He was determined to create a store for the local running community that was not only well-stocked with products, but was also filled with a positive and welcoming atmosphere. 


The Store 

Fartleks Running Shop Smoothie Stop created a central hub for Wichita's running and active community. Andrew's goal was to be a source to help Wichita become more healthy and active. Located just off a high-traffic running path in the Delano area, Andrew saw an opportunity to fill a need that wasn't currently being served in the downtown area after the closing of the beloved local shop mid-pandemic. 

Fartleks provides all of the best gear for running and resources needed to make it happen. It was an opportunity to bring back a locally-owned running store and fill the void in the area. With so many people living in Wichita missing a running specialty store, the community happily supported it. Their selection of JUNK headbands features a variety of unique designs, including local flags, sports teams, and more. 

Most of the store is standard with well-established products, but they also added some unique things. For example, the smoothie bar, where customers can come before and after a run to get a refreshing smoothie. They have also evolved to fit needs over time and added leg compression therapy. Customers can refresh their legs and get a smoothie while doing that too. Lastly, they offer consignment to buy and sell new and gently used fitness clothing, shoes, and fitness-related items—some of which people bring in with tags still on. 


The Running Community 

Fartleks Running Shop Smoothie Stop has become a gathering place for the running community in Wichita. The store is frequented by unique running customers from all walks of life, from hobby runners to marathoners and inspiring runners. The most common loyal customers are members of the active Wichita community who are training for their next race. People also come in and look for those special shoes that will help them go the extra mile. Not only does the store offer products, but it also draws in other local businesses who know Fartleks Running Shop Smoothie Stop is a tasty stop for smoothies. The store serves as an environment that promotes mental toughness and helps runners overcome their limits day after day, and provides the gear they need to do it all. 


Wholesaler Goals 

Whether you're looking for the latest running apparel or something unique for your next run, Fartleks has their runners covered. They also strive to provide customers with the best gear for running and fitness. So, if you're in the Wichita area, stop by Fartleks and check out their selection of headbands, running gear, and smoothies! 



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